Some Interesting Facts About Great Dbol Online

Before you go ahead to buy Dianabol for your own consumption, it is always important to get some tips on the pros and cons of the drug. For instance, you need to know whether its usage comes with any side effects and how long its active life is. Some steroids are known to have effects on the brain. Therefore, it is also imperative to inquire whether the steroid you are about to start using has any short term or long term brain effects. Here are some of the facts that most people may not know about Dianabol steroids.

Origin of Dianabol and How it Got its Name

The brand name Dianabol was given to the substance called Methandrostenolone, by a Swiss pharmaceutical company called Ciba. The steroid is not officially available in the steroid market as its production ceased several years ago. However, Dianabol for sale is rumored to be in circulation within the bodybuilding and athletics fraternity. It is also possible to buy Dianabol online via sites which supply the drug from some underground laboratories. Due to its scarce nature, the steroid doesn’t come cheap. This means that its usage is not common. Nevertheless, it is known to produce superb results in terms of muscle mass gains for bodybuilders.

Benefits of Dianabol Steroid

Dianabol tablets accelerate muscle gain in individuals. Some bodybuilders can gain about 2-4 pounds in a week when using the steroid in their first six week cycle. The additional weight comes about from muscle tissue increase as well as water retention. The three main benefits of Dianabol pills are:

• Protein Synthesis: This simply refers to pace at which your body cells build protein—the main component of body muscles. Therefore, intake of Dbol for sale coupled with regular exercise leads to rapid muscle gains and hence more body strength.

• Nitrogen Retention: This happens to be the primary anabolic factor of this particular steroid, and the more nitrogen the body retains, the greater its anabolic activity becomes.

• Glycogenolysis: This is the body’s ability to break down glycogen into glucose. When using D-bol for sale, it is important to ensure that your diet supplies your body with enough carbohydrates to meet the high energy demand in the body, used for breaking down glycogen to glucose. Hence the use of the steroid highly enhances the body energy levels.

Side Effects of Dianabol

Whether the steroid affect the brain is a common concern that lingers in the mind of any would-be user of this drug. The answer is YES and NO. When you buy Dbol and take it in high doses, there will be some effects on your mood.  You may become hyped up, feel extremely happy or euphoric. You may also experience insomnia and in some cases develop aggressive behavior. However, not all users can experience such effects.

When you buy D-bol for your use, you should know that due to the drug’s moderate andrognic properties, some side effects such as oily skin, hair growths, as well as acne are likely to occur. Baldness in men is also another likely side effect.


The drug usually referred to as just D-bol is one of the anabolic steroids that are related to the main male sex hormone. This particular drug is known to have been the second anabolic steroid to hit the market immediately after testosterone. The Dianabol steroid gained a lot of popularity in the 60s, when several athletes started using it to enhance their performance.