How To Opt For Steroid Cycles

Anabolic steroids are used for two reasons, either medically to treat a body wasting diseases like HIV, osteoporosis or stunted growth in children or used as performance enhancers. It gives the best results when used in a logical manner. This process of using steroids logically is called steroid circle.

Performance enhancers use the term on-cycle to tell when they are on anabolic steroids and off-cycle to show when they are not using the same.

Some athletes and bodybuilders combine two or more anabolic steroids in a single dose. This is a steroid stack and it is known as stacking. Stacking can greatly increase the gain in strength and muscle mass and are better than a single one but only recommended for advanced users.


Steroids cycles boost an athlete or bodybuilder’s performance by increasing the strength, muscles and endurance of the individual. Below are some tips to consider before starting a cycle:
1. Age: Anabolic steroids react with the hormones in the body to build muscles or to put on weight. Starting a steroid cycle before the age of 25 can be dangerous. This is because below the age of 25 years, the body is still producing hormones that it needs to grow and develop.  Adding anabolic steroids to the body can be counter-productive and result in a negative effect.
2. Only Testosterone: For beginners to steroid cycles, it is recommended to have only one drug in the cycle. Most experts believe that single drug should be testosterone as the body already produces it and is familiar with the hormone. Introducing more testosterone in the right dosage will not be rejected.
3. Short cycle periods: As a beginner to the world of anabolic steroids cycles, it is advisable to keep the cycles short. A cycle should run for 4 weeks though 2-3 weeks is better. The longer the cycle, the more dangerous it is for the body.
4. Stacking: Steroid stacks bring out the best results. The combination of the right steroids can jumpstart your training and produce a body that would have taken longer to get. As a beginner, the best steroid stacks are those with two anabolic steroids combined.
5. Potency: Even though every athlete or aspiring bodybuilder wants to look great and choose the best steroid stack he can get his hands on, the reality is that a beginner’s body isn’t as resilient as those that have been on it for years. The beginner has to start the dosage with low potency. This means lower or fewer tablets.


Many websites claim to offer the best steroid cycle but the truth is that there is no cycle that is suitable for everybody. Factors like age, weight, body condition and height will determine which is the best for you. The best steroid cycles are those that have been customized to suit the athlete or bodybuilder. It is advisable to have a full body checkup before starting a cycle. This also helps to find the right steroids to use.