Why Methandrostenolone Is A Popular Anabolic Steroid

Why do bodybuilders choose to overlook the common side effects of Methandrostenolone for sale? Despite the anabolic steroids ban in the 80’s by the FDA, bodybuilders still buy Methandrostenolone for their steroid cycle. Here are the reasons why this steroid supplement continues to be a best-seller.

The Known Benefits

Methandrostenolone is also known as Dianabol or D-bol in the pharmaceutical circles. It is a highly anabolic steroid whose effects are realized within days. D-bol supplement pills are easy to use. Moreover, nowadays legal Dianabol is commonly sold over-the-counter making the steroid easily accessible.

Legal D-bol pills do not require a doctor’s prescription when buying them off the counter. Each oral tablet packs about 10mg of the active compound, Dianabol.  A steady dose of D-bol maintains a constant anabolic state in the body. This boosts the rapid growth of muscle cells.

The growth of muscle cells leads to the increase in strength and muscle size. The body also receives an energy boost as an added advantage. Dianabol also increases nitrogen levels in the body. Nitrogen maintains the anabolic environment in the body which is ideal for muscle growth and retention.

Bodybuilders use Dianabol for bulking up, boost muscle strength and make the body lean through fat reduction. However, Dianabol is not recommended for the cutting cycles where the goal is to rapidly reduce body fat. D-bol pills will give you strength and muscle mass, with the extra advantage of reduced body fat.

So What Makes Dianabol So Bad?

D-bol for sale was banned back in the 80’s for two main reasons. First, it had no significant value as a medicinal product. Secondly, it was discovered to have adverse side effects after prolonged use. The side effects are the same to date and are the ones you should be aware of as you begin your Dianabol steroid cycle.

Dianabol is highly estrogenic and causes water retention in the body. Its estrogenic properties may cause gynecomastia in men if continued use is unmonitored. Its water retention ability gets in the way of maintaining big and lean muscles. Dianabol will react differently with all body types, so the trick lies in knowing where to draw the line.

How to avoid the side effects of D-bol steroid

Dianabol side effects are mild in most cases. They only occur when the anabolic steroid is improperly used or abused. Generally, there are three things you should always do to stave off the severe side effects. First off, ensure that you are taking Dianabol with a steady and healthy diet. The anabolic steroid helps build muscle and boost strength but your body needs quality nutrition to make this happen. Secondly, you have to get regular and quality exercise for the steroid pills to work. You cannot take D-bol pills and couch surf all day. Thirdly, get in the habit of cutting Dianabol use for the body to have time to recover. A steroid cycle will help you achieve this. For beginners, a 4 week steroid cycle will suffice. As your body gets accustomed to Dianabol, you can prolong the usage to 6 weeks.


A lot of fears about Dianabol use stem from improper usage. Though some side effects may happen, they will be mild and often go unnoticed. Make sure you are taking a proper diet, exercising and use D-bol in a steroid cycle to prevent nasty side effects.